Alumni News



I was part of the first graduating class at King-Chavez High School. I graduated in June of 2013 as Salutatorian of my class. I remember being on the stage at Spreckels Theater on that night. I made a short speech and, although I do not remember exactly what I said, I remember feeling happy to be able to celebrate with my family and friends. I remember seeing so many proud and happy faces. Graduation is time for celebration. For myself, it was also a time to look forward.

I began my undergraduate education at UC Riverside in the fall of 2013. I majored in Mechanical Engineering. At the end of 4 years, I completed my Bachelor’s degree. My time at UCR was formative and instructive. I gained knowledge and skills that have given me the opportunity to work as an intern at NASA’s Glenn Research Center and Armstong Flight Research Center. During these internships, I worked on amazing projects developing new technologies and working alongside talented engineers.


When I was nearing the completion of my studies at UCR, I felt that there was more I wanted to learn. I decided to pursue a Master’s degree. I had the opportunity to come home, back to San Diego, and continue my studies at UC San Diego. My time at UCSD was relatively short. I completed my MSc in Aerospace Engineering in 1 academic year. It was arduous work and it was a struggle to learn so much in such a short amount of time. But I made it! I started at UCSD in the fall of 2017 and finished in the spring of 2018.


After 5 years in school, I am working as an aerospace engineer at a rocket engineering company called Exquadrum. This job is a unique opportunity to work with talented individuals and experts in the aerospace industry. Working in aerospace has been my dream for many years. I am still learning new skills and gaining knowledge every day. I can honestly I love what I do.





KCCHS alumni Jacquelyne Vera got accepted to the C2C Sustainability Fellowship at Bard College. The workshop used as a resource to network with other professional in Sustainability.