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 King Chavez Community High School Alumni College Assistance Program

As the success of our students and alumni is of utmost importance to the entire King Chavez Neighborhood of Schools faculty, we are committed to being involved in the lives of our graduates throughout their college careers.  At KCCHS, everything that we do is built on a foundation of love for our students.  With that in mind, KCCHS has instituted an Alumni College Assistance Program “ACAP” to help fill the voids in financial, academic and personal support that many young people face when attending college.

KCCHS uses a 3 pronged approach to providing support to our students who go on to college. The first step in our ACAP program begins long before our graduates dawn cap and gown to receive their high school diplomas. KCCHS helps prepare its graduates for the rigors of college by maintaining high academic standards for all of its students.  Furthermore, we help provide our students with the necessary skills to secure opportunities for higher education at the university and junior college levels.

The second step in the ACAP program is parental engagement.  Without the support of the KCCHS parent community, the success of our students and alumni is exponentially more difficult to achieve.  At KCCHS, we believe that it is necessary to educate our parent community about the opportunities for college education that are available to their children.  The better informed our parent community; the more likely our students are to take advantage of the opportunities for higher education that are available to them.

As KCCHS dedication to its students does not end after graduation, the third step in the ACAP, program begins once our graduates reach their respective college campuses.  Helping provide KCCHS graduates with the necessary resources to sustain themselves financially, academically and personally is paramount to their success as college students. KCCHS is seeking private and corporate donations to provide its graduates with scholarships to assist them with the cost of books, meals, tuition and travel.

King-Chavez Community High School is a non-profit Title I school. As a donor to the King ChavezACAP program, you will be granted full access to our school’s alumni website/database.  The database will provide donors with daily tracking of donations and expenditures.  Furthermore, via the alumni website/database, donors will be able to monitor the progress of KCCHS graduates throughout their college careers.

On behalf of the students, alumni and faculty of King Chavez Neighborhood of Schools let me convey our excitement about the possibility of you joining us in our endeavor to ensure that our graduates have the best chance of a bright future.  We are sending the KCCHS alumni into the world with a solid foundation of support underneath them.  With your care and support, our efforts to provideKCCHS students with the opportunities that they deserve will not fail!


Vamos Vaqueros!


Kevin Bradshaw

Dean of Students

King Chavez Community High School